Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Encino Park RoboCamp - Day 2

I'm truly amazed at the progress the kids have made in just a couple of days.  I think they will be very well prepared for the Fall semester.  They are learning the rudiments of the programming language, and they are getting more familiar with the sensors and motors.  This is going to be a fantastic year for Encino Park Robotics.  I'll bring a camera tomorrow so we can have a group photo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Robotics for Grandparents

I'm working on the Powerpoint for the RFG class.

Finished the slides that introduce the course and the hardware - NXT brick, motors, and sensors.

I'm going to make a CD for each student to take home.  It will contain, at least, the Oregon videos that demonstrate the NXT-G programming environment.

I'll probably include the Powerpoint slides as well.

Encino Park RoboCamp - Day 1

I spent this morning at the Encino Park Elementary School Robotics Summer Camp.  EP has a great crop of new faces learning about Robots.  The school district has made some cuts that resulted in a great bonus for the Robotics Club.  The Club now has the exclusive use of an entire Portable Building, well furnished for its needs.  There is enough space to allocate half the building to playing fields, and the fields can stay set up continually.  Each team has a worktable for its building and programming tasks.  Miss Craig and Ms Herrera were the camp's "counselors" and they ably directed the student teams.  Mrs. Pearce helped in several areas.

During today's camp, I worked with several of the teams, providing a little guidance here and there.  As I told the students, I get my reward when the little light comes on and a student gets a new insight or understanding.  That happened today when one of the kids was telling me about controlling motors, and asked "what happens when the motors move in opposite directions?  OH - it TURNS!"

Today the teams made differing amounts of progress, but a couple of teams actually put robots on the playing field and made them move around. 

My friend and fellow IEEE Life Member Jim Brakefield came to today's camp, and I think he made useful contributions to the kids' progress.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robotics Summer Camp at Encino Park

I've been informed by Ms. Vicki Craig of Encino Park Elementary School that they will be holding a three-day Robotics Summer Camp starting Monday, August 9, from 9:30 AM until Noon each day.

I have invited a couple of IEEE Life Member friends to join me in helping with the Summer Camp.

Huebner Elementary may also be doing a Summer Camp.  Maybe I can help there too.