Tuesday, November 9, 2010

EP Robotics Club

On Friday, November 5, the Encino Park Robot Engineers met for a session of learning, building, programming, and testing.  They are learning how to program the robot to follow a course by dead reckoning, with no sensor input.  I told the teachers (Craig, Herrera, Nelson) of my plan to donate a LEGO Education Resource Set to the Robotics Club.

I believe that the Education Resource Set will help to solve the problem of expensive back-filling of the club's Mindstorms kits.  One Resource Set contains 671 parts, in a good mix to use as replacements.  My estimate is that one Resource Set per year would be enough to backfill a club's Mindstorms kits.  At $80 per Set, that's an easy tradeoff to make.  I have asked the teachers at Encino Park to evaluate the Set and let me know how well it does the replacement function.  Mr. Baldoni at NEISD is aware of this possible solution and will be monitoring it.

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