Saturday, October 3, 2009

MG Mathscript

I got a good, clear answer from the forum on how to import a block to the NXT development environment. I now have the MG mathscript block in the Advanced group of the Complete palette. The key steps are:

1. You must have the block import/export wizard installed. It's a download available from the same place as new firmware versions.
2. Start the NXT application.
3. Open any program (it can be a new one like untitled-1) for editing.
4. From the menu, select Edit, then Block Import and Export Wizard. This will open a dialog that tells what to do next.
5. From the dialog, click Browse, and locate the folder with the block to be imported. You should now see the name of the desired block.
6. Select the desired block, and select a palette
7. Click the Import button, and you're done.

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