Friday, September 11, 2009

ALIR Fall 2009 instructor meeting

Today ALIR held its Fall instructor meeting, in which the instructors for the semester are recognized, and new ones are introduced. We were given class rosters and some additional rules and regulations (e.g., no food or drink in the classrooms). Briefings on computer usage were given to instructors who needed them.

A member of the NEISD staff kindly offered to install my NXT software on the classroom computer I'll be using. That avoids any problems that the NEISD IT folks might have with me installing a *driver* (God forbid) on one of their computers.

I ordered 18 copies of my seven page handout (21 slides, I think). They should be ready in my mailbox on Wednesday morning.

I'm sending a note to the 18 registered and 6 waitlisted students, welcoming them to the class and inviting them to participate in this blog.

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