Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All together now!

This afternoon I reinstalled the NXT 1.0 software on the two laptops.
I then renamed all 4 NXT bricks to TPO-1, TPO-1, EP-1, EP-2.
I downloaded new firmware 1.05 to all 4 NXT bricks.
I set the sound and light sensor calibration to default on all 4 NXT bricks.
I tested each brick to see if it worked properly with the sound sensor.

I think all is well now....

I would like to upgrade the laptops and the ALIR desktop to NXT 1.1, but I can't locate the installation CD.
LEGO no longer sells the NXT 1.1 CD.  Boo.  Maybe I can find someone to loan me the NXT 1.1 CD.

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